July 13, 2009

An Example of Learning Patterns: Learning Design (0)

I would like to show some examples from 40 patterns of Learning Patterns. First, I would like to start the most fundamental pattern; Learning Design (0).


Learning Design

Design your learning.

  • Always when you want to learn

In complex and liquid society, it is inevitable to think how to learn.

  • Human is not able to learn everything because the time is limited.
  • There are several ways to study.
  • People who learn effectively have a knack for good learning, which is independent on their fields or themes.

Learn the `knack' of learning from the experienced learners, and design your way of learning based on them.

  • You can work on your activity with "learning patterns" which tells you the knack of effective learning.
  • First, read roughly whole patterns to understand what "learning patterns" is like, especially the first half of each pattern; pattern name, introduction, illustration, and context. It is better to remember the pattern name and the illustration.
  • Read the detail of patterns in which you are interested. In the last half of each pattern, there are description of "problem", difficulties why the problem is a hard to solve as "forces", "solution", and "actions" which are for solving the problem.
  • You can find a learning pattern according to your situation with using the list of "context".
  • Use "pattern name" of learning pattern as a common language, when you talk about learning with other students or teachers.

Design of learning is important to understand the situation you are in. This means Grasp of Community's Mind (1). Especially, understand and follow Project-Centered Learning (2), if you want to learn with excitement. As a consequence, that helps you recognize Community as "Becoming" (3). You can see the connection between your learning community and you in this way.

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